Books and Search Engines

Books and Search Engines

The following Deep web sites links will take you to sites and platforms offering you “Books” for free. The books either can be copyrighted, or just rare.

The reason these sites are on the Tor network is in some cases these platforms even offers books which are banned either for political or religious reasons and are unavailable in a specific geographic area.

Also Tor network allows the uploaders as well as downloaders to remain anonymous and safe even if there are copyright disputes. All of these sites are free to use, also registration isn’t required in most cases either.

The download mostly is provided off the same site, however at times there may be redirections to third-party websites. What’s best is these sites are void of ads and popups.

5h5ps743nnqsjq4l– Books (German) – Calibre Web- A Deep Web Site boasting a couple thousand books in its arsenal. All the content seems to be in German, so the Titles are all there but their availability in English isn’t guaranteed. Most content can either be downloaded for offline reading, or read online on ePub using the provided links. Optional registration available. Has a basic and an advanced search filter allowing language, author, publisher and date filters.

xfmro77i3lixucja–Books– Imperial Library– A Darkweb library flaunting exactly 353042 books in its collection as of today. Offers tag-filters such as Children, Horror, War, Mystery and so on. Again seems dominated by books in the German language. Offers download + Online reading options (no third-party redirects). Also allows anonymous uploads. Registrations aren’t mandatory but available.

r6rfy5zlifbsiiym– Books (Comics) – Comic Book Library– Not extremely rich in quantity, but still offers 1345 comics currently. Can be searched by Title, Publisher, Writer, Scanner. Recently added or Random comic options help users discover new titles. Primarily dominated by Classics (1900s). Can’t be read online, only download options available.

avaxhome5lcpcok5– Books/Audiobooks– AvaxHome- A Register-to-Download site which offers games, movies, music and ofcourse Books. Also offers Audiobooks for some of the most popular titles on the planet. Features a torrent-like interface. Almost all links redirect to third-party download sites. Not extremely content-rich. Offers filters based on languages for comics. Is free to use although accepts BTC donations. Search Engine Deep Web Links

The TOR Network obviously isn’t indexed on Google or other clearnet search engines, that’s where these Search Engine Links come to the rescue. These help us discover Tor sites (.onion links) just like we search for clearnet sites on Google/Yahoo and other search engines.

Additionally, Clearnet search engines are overloaded with trackers, ads and follow you, your searches, browsing habits, and even time spent on individual sites around the web.

These Tor Search Engine links are completely anonymous, do not log data or browsing habits. However, these search engines may at times show ads to make money and keep themselves afloat.

3bbaaaccczcbdddz– Search Engine – Onion Land- Onion Land somewhat resembles Google in the sense that it too has a “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Shows 5-7 banner ads on the homepage. Is extremely fast, heavily-indexed and also shows sponsored search engine results. Additionally also includes a site’s Live/Offline status and description. Also features an image database.

tgs5dkeqkg5hrjjk–Search Engine– Tornet Global Search– This is a unique platform, as it isn’t a search-engine in itself and rather lets users search on over 50 Tor Search Engines using this one site. Simply enter the keyword, and either select one of the many search engines, or let the platform assign one randomly. Does show sidebar ads, which offer 1K impressions and 10 Clicks absolutely free.

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