Dark Web Red Rooms

Deepweb Red Rooms

Red Rooms are arguably the most illegal content on the Dark Web. So much so, that even Joining one may be considered a crime!

These are websites which claim to upload real rape, snuff, torture videos and even Child-Porn. At times, the content is even claimed to be live-streamed. Furthermore, some more advanced Red Rooms even let viewers “Command” certain actions which are carried out on the victims.

None of these are free, the sites do not grant access without an advance payment. There hasn’t been any clear evidence of these sites being legit so far, but we wouldn’t dare find out the truth anyway.

shadowdvttuvtxfd– Snuff/Killing – Shadow Web- The available content is said to be underage/extreme porn, killing videos, Snuff etc. Has a homepage which answers a number of questions regarding ShadowWeb. Only accepts Bitcoin payments, mandatory to join. A payment of 0.1 BTC required, provides a 24-hour payment window.

redroomfing27toi– Red Room – Red Room – This site has been live for a really long time. Everytime I check the homepage, there’s a timer displayed, showing X number of Days, Hours and Minutes. Has two options- “Join” or “Leave”. Isn’t free, the Join button would probably asks users to make a payment. Grants “roles” depending on the amount paid.

snuffyknz5eb6spv– Snuff – Snuff Real– The website has a picture of a naked girl who has been tortured on the homepage. Only one functional link is available which says “Join Now”, it redirects users to a registration page. An account is auto-generated and the details presented to the users. Account activation requires 0.01999 BTC payment, other payment modes include ETH, DASH, LTC and XMR. Web Design/Developer Links

The links listed below should help you find a person/group who offer their services for Web Design and Developing on the Onion network. Just like you can find people on the Clearnet (job sites, Social networks etc). these platforms too help you find a person(s) offering his/her/their skill sets for a price.

Although because these are on the Onion network, most often than not the offered services are open to jobs which may not be exactly on the legal side of the law. Hence in most cases you may be provided with a Pseudonym and a payment address instead of the person’s real-life details.

Some of these sites accept custom offers (build a site, build a blog, system administration etc). while others may have a very specific kind of project (a marketplace for example) up for sale.

shopsat2dotfotbs – Marketplace Design – Tor Shops- Can be used to get your own marketplaces designed. Provides integrated BTC wallet, user-chosen .onion address, custom logos, a tracking system etc. Is priced at a one-time 100USD fee + 6% of all sales. Additional addons include completely custom-made shop, and an additional forum.

market7ow7cuw2hz– Pre-Made Marketplace – Market– Unique concept, sells three products- 1. Megapack 2. Marketplace (6months) 3. Marketplace (1 year). Megapack contains tons of goods and services which can be purchased directly for 130.00USD. Or, the contents of the Megapack can be resold at a custom shop, sub-domained at Market. Everyone sells the same products. Costs $200.00 USD for 6 months, $280.00 USD for a year. Only BTC accepted.

nsimondyhzfm26dq– Personal Services – Nicholas Simon– An individual showcasing and selling his skills. Claims to be fluent in French, Italian and English. Primarily offers System administration, Backup Management, Network design etc. Listed specialities are Windows, Debian and Web-admin. Has HTML, CSS, PHP, VMWare NSX, Exchange Server, HyperV Clusters, GNU/Linux skills. Seems to be strictly legal. Social Media Tor Links

Social Media originated as a place to meet and connect with our friends and family digitally. But over time, it became this massive surveillance hub that it is today. Facebook literally has the Photo, Address, Phone number, likes/dislikes/ location history/ contacts and every other piece of data for a majority of the world’s population!

And it’s not limited just to Facebook, other social media platforms are no more anonymous. That’s where these Deep Web social media links come in handy. These platforms are on the Onion network, offer a lot more anonymity than those clearnet sites and are mostly legal as well.

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