1. Use a trustworthy dark web marketplace. Set up two-factor authentication where available and look for evidence that the website is secure, such as HTTPS in the address bar.

2. Remain anonymous. Use the Tor browser or another anonymous web browser to access the dark web and create multiple accounts with different userpass logins. Use unique passwords for each account and log in with a virtual private network (VPN) if possible.

3. Don’t leave a digital trail. Pay with cryptocurrency when possible and use a new account for each transaction. If paying with cash, take care not to reveal any identifying information.

4. Stay aware of potential scams. Not all dark web transactions are legitimate, so stay on the lookout for suspicious offers. Be aware of fake sites that seek to scam users and always research vendors before doing business with them.

5. Exercise caution when downloading files. Do not download any files without being certain they are safe, as many malicious files can be found on the dark web. Use a trusted anti-virus program and scan all files before opening them.