1. Anonymity: The dark web provides a level of anonymity for users, as many services are only accessible with the use of encryption and specialized network technologies, such as Tor.

2. Access to goods and services: The dark web allows users to acquire goods and services that are hard or impossible to find on the regular web.

3. Access to secure communications: The dark web provides a platform for users to communicate securely using various encryption techniques.


1. Security risks: The dark web is known for hosting malicious and illegal activity, which can pose a potential security risk to users who access it.

2. Altered perception of reality: The anonymity of the dark web can lead to an altered perception of reality, where some users may become desensitized to criminal and immoral behavior, believing that consequences do not exist since their identity remains a secret.

3. Possibility of criminal charges: Due to the lack of regulation on the dark web, use and access of certain services and goods may result in criminal charges.