Scam alert – Cardshop

This onion Tor deep web site is definitely a scam and resembles a number of others in content.

Warning! Scammers below!


4 thoughts on “Scam alert – Cardshop”

  1. This site is by far the worst one I have experienced. I bought 15 cc for $150 Can and received nothing in return there is no possible way to message or call them for support. After 3 days they just closed my account on me, is there anything I can do besides write a shit load of bad reviews on them? I am really disappointed and discouraged to continue exploring the dark web. I did my research they has alot of good reviews and were recommended from a few other high traffic sites.

  2. Damnnnn Homie I just bought some cards of that site two days ago. Says in progress but i guess they got me too.

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