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Peoples Drug Store

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This dark web site is scam. It is very alike in appearance and structure to a plethora of other sites that the so-called “Hidden Wiki” is advertising.

Warning! Scammer Detected!

URL: xf2gry25d3tyxkiu2xlvczd3q7jl6yyhtpodevjugnxia2u665asozad.onion

Why is Peoples Drug Store a scam?

This Tor site in particular and similar other dark net sites all have this fake registration form, where an “account” is created for you, so that you think it’s real. Once you’re “logged-in”, you are asked to deposit your Bitcoin or some other crypto like Ethereum to an address you see in the “user” area. You think it’s legit because this elaborate registration process gives you a false sense of authority. You think that “Oh, it’s asking me to register, it must be legit!” and then it’s easy for these scammers to get you to send them your Bitcoin. It’s all about psychology.

So if you make a deposit or a transfer to the Bitcoin or crypto address, you lose your crypto for ever. This dark web website will not send you the product it is advertising. Forget it, you’ve been screwed!

It’s a well-known fact that the creators of “Hidden Wiki” and other similar “Dark Web Search Engines” are behind these fake Tor websites designed to scam your money. Most of these teams are, oddly enough, based in Ukraine, but living in other EU countries like Latvia or Poland.

What can I do about it?

And yes, we’re talking about teams here! Teams of professional web developers and web designers who scam idiots who think they can get a good iPhone or fake currency for very little if they send crypto to a particular address. This is called greed.

Better luck next time! Or even better yet, use a trusted, independent service like https://choosetorlinks.com/ and get a list of verified dark net links instead.

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