Dark Web: Secrets of the Underground economy

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The Dark Web is a mysterious corner of the internet filled with secrets, scams, and a thriving underground economy. Often referred to as the Deep Web, Tor Network, or Darknet, it is used primarily by those with nefarious intentions. Those looking to buy illegal drugs, stolen identities, malware, and even human organs, can find it all on the Dark Web.

The TOR Network

The Dark Web is accessed through the TOR network, a free, open source software created to protect one’s anonymity and allow for private and secure communication. The TOR network makes use of an extensive network of proxy servers and relays to hide IP addresses and online activity. To access the TOR network, a user needs to access the TOR browser and install it onto their device, then they can start exploring the Dark Web.

The Economy of the Dark Web

The Dark Web is home to a thriving underground economy. The vast majority of the transactions on the Dark Web involve illegal activities such as the sale of drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards, and counterfeit currency. It is also the home of the cybercrime economy, where hackers sell illicit software, stolen identities, and malicious code. It is estimated that the total amount of transactions on the Dark Web is close to $1 billion per year.

Risks of Using The Dark Web

While the Dark Web offers anonymity and privacy for users and is home to a thriving economy, it is very risky to use. Because of its unregulated nature, buyers and sellers are often victims of fraud due to scams and stolen information. Furthermore, it is home to malicious actors as well as law enforcement agencies, whose job is to track down criminals. Therefore it is recommended to use extreme caution when using the Dark Web.



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