Dark Web: You Don’t Know It But You’re Visiting It All the Time

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The dark web, sometimes referred to as the Deep Web or Invisible Web, is a part of the internet that goes beyond the surface web—that which is indexed and easily searchable through Google and other search engines. This section of the internet contains online activity that is not indexed and, therefore, isn’t accessible through found search engines. Access to the dark web requires specialized software, like Tor, and comes with higher security risks from malware, scams, and identity theft.

How Does the Dark Web Work?

The dark web works by passing information and data through a layered system of encryption. This system of encryption is built with onion routing, which passes data through a series of network nodes to obscure its origin. Websites on the darknet are hidden and can only be accessed with the right TOR address, which is a string of numbers and letters that disguise a website’s true location. Because of the layers of encryption, it is difficult for law enforcement to locate and apprehend people who have used the dark web for criminal activity. All content on the dark web is anonymous, meaning anyone can access and view it without leaving a trace.

Are You Visiting The Dark Web Without Knowing?

Yes, it’s possible that you are visiting the dark web without even knowing it. That’s because some websites that you access regularly, such as YouTube or streaming services, use content delivery networks (CDNs) that provide access to the dark web. CDNs are networks of servers that work together to deliver content to users, and some of them are connected to the dark web. Additionally, most services now offer an encrypted connection, which means all of the data is protected, even when it passes through the dark web.

What are the Risks of Visiting the Dark Web?

Visiting the dark web can be risky. This is because it is an anonymous and often unregulated space that is prone to illicit activities, such as the sale of illegal items, drugs, and stolen data. Additionally, since the dark web is outside of the scope of the traditional internet, there are additional security risks from malware, ransomware, and phishing scams. It’s important to exercise caution when visiting the dark web and to always use a reliable VPN service.



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