Dark Web: Getting Started with Dark Web Tools

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What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web, also known as the Deep Web, is a vast collection of inaccessible websites and online activities that exist outside of the indexed and searchable web. It contains messages, files, images, and videos that are available through the use of special encrypted networks and software. The Dark Web also contains online marketplaces and forums that provide people with unregulated and potentially dangerous items and services.

Why is the Dark Web Popular?

The Dark Web has become increasingly popular because of its privacy and potential for anonymity. People often go to the Dark Web to access content that is not legally available on the regular internet, or to purchase goods and services that may be restricted by their local government. This powerful tool also allows people to communicate securely with one another, and to engage in activities that would be otherwise unavailable.

Getting Started with Dark Web Tools

In order to access the Dark Web, one must use a specialized browser. These special browsers use methods of encryption to securely access hidden websites. The most common of these browsers are Tor, I2P, and Freenet. There are also dedicated mobile applications such as Orfox and Onion Browser that can be used to access the Dark Web. Additionally, some websites such as The New Yorker, This.cm, and ProPublica have launched versions of their sites on the Dark Web.

It is important to view the Dark Web with caution and only access websites you are familiar with, as there are potential risks for users who access illicit or dangerous websites. Users should also monitor their computer and mobile devices for any malicious software that may have been installed while accessing the Dark Web.



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