Dark Web: How to Use 1000s of Hidden Sites and Networks

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What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is an array of obscure, hidden websites and networks only accessible to certain people using certain software programs. It is completely off of the public internet and cannot be searched through any normal search engine. Instead, special software is used to search and navigate the vast network and its websites.

What Can Be Found on the Dark Web?

The dark web enables all sorts of activities, both legal and illegal, to take place in total secrecy. It is mostly known for its dark marketplaces, where people can buy and sell drugs, weapons, stolen data, and even hire assassins.

It also contains countless websites of all kinds, including message boards, news sites, file sharing sites, tutorials, and much more.

How to Access the Dark Web

Accessing the dark web requires special software like Tor, I2P, or Freenet. Tor is the most popular of the three and is the easiest to use. Once the software is downloaded and installed, it will connect you to a network of hidden websites, vastly expanding the internet as we know it.

Dark Web Safety

Before entering the dark web, it’s important to take caution and safety measures to protect your identity. It’s important to use a proxy or VPN service to ensure your IP address is hidden, so your activities stay anonymous.

It’s also important to stay away from any illegal activities, as law enforcement agencies are actively monitoring the dark web. Take caution when clicking on any links, as they can be deceptive and misleading. Other safety measures include not revealing personal information, keeping software updated, and scanning for viruses.



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