Dark Web: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptography & Security

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What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an anonymous and hidden part of the internet that is only accessible by specialized software. It is an area of the web where users can buy and sell illicit goods, and even access websites that are not indexed by search engines. While the Dark Web may seem sinister, it is actually a valuable resource for journalists, activists, and security researchers.

Who Uses the Dark Web?

Many people use the Dark Web for legitimate and legal activities. Journalists often use the Dark Web to communicate with confidential sources. Activists also use the Dark Web to share stories and organize events in a secure fashion. Security researchers also use the Dark Web to test and research the security of their own technologies or investigate cyber threats.

How Do You Access the Dark Web?

To access the Dark Web, you must first install specialized software like The Onion Router (TOR). This software encrypts your data and bounces it between multiple servers before it reaches its destination, making it difficult to trace the user’s real IP address. Once you’ve installed TOR, you can access websites and services on the Dark Web.

What is Cryptography & Security?

Cryptography is the practice of encrypting data to make it unreadable to anyone except the intended recipient. It is often used to protect sensitive or confidential information such as financial transactions, medical records, and corporate data. Security is a broad topic that includes multiple practices, technologies, and tools used to protect information and systems from unauthorized access or data breaches. Security measures typically include authentication, access control, and data encryption.



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